How Can I fix My Waasmedic Agent exe’s High CPU usage?

waasmedic cpu exe

Are you dealing with issues of wassmedic high usage of CPU then you are at the right place to use it in this blog we are going to tell you what all you can do to fix this issue but before this, you must ensure that you know what is waasmedicagent exe

Ways to fix issues faced by users are as follows – 

Running system file checker 

If you will run the system checker then it will help you to check for the corrupted files which are missing on your device. If any of such things have happened then this way will help you fix it.

Running DSM to repair the windows update component 

Along with SFC, DISM is another important feature that is available for the users on windows which will be helpful for fixing the issue you are facing. Since waasmedic agent exe is a part of windows update so it has a high chance of fixing the problem which you are facing.  

  • Pausing windows updates for a few days

Resetting windows PC 

Another way to fix the problem of waasmedic agent exe high disk usage is to reset the PC which you are using. This way is a very effective way the users usually face when they want to fix it. 

We hope that the information which we have provided you was helpful and beneficial for you and you were able to use this information in your use in daily life to fix issues.